Scholarship Night

Recognizing and awarding the accomplished, the bold, the community oriented and more…

ruth-ayala-quezadaMy name is Ruth Ayala-Quezada and I am the chairperson of the Scholarship Committee.  We are contacting and reaching out to all Chamber Members and asking for contribution to surpass last year contribution of $16,000 that awarded 25 students.   The scholarship funds helps students and their families relieve some of the cost of college such as books, laptop, moving and setting up dorm expenses.

100% of ALL contributions goes towards their Scholarship, as there is no financial motive for our Chamber.  Contributions between $50 and up to $499 will be mentioned in the website, Facebook, brochure and local newspaper.  Major Contributors of $500 or more will have their business logos displayed as well as the opportunity to choose and present your private award recipient on behalf of your business.   We have attached a contribution form (below) for your consideration.  Many of you have perhaps seen me at the Chamber of Commerce Mixers and Dinner Meetings; I will be attending our April and May Chamber of Commerce meetings, so if you have questions or need information on the scholarship please feel free to approach me or contact the chamber office 845-628-5553.

I would like to Thank YOU in advance for your time and consideration.

-Ruth Ayala-Quezada

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