Dear Valued Member,

Screen-Shot-2014-03-31-at-8.47.37-AMThank you for continuing your lead role in co-creating a dynamic business community and economy for the Mahopac-Carmel area.  Your commitment to the community by supporting The Greater Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce is appreciated and has a real, measurable impact.

Over the last year our membership has stayed strong and has continued to participate in local events we’ve put on as we continue to innovate by supporting and producing events.   We are solely focused on you, and realize that each business has different needs—so we create different opportunities.

This Chamber of Commerce is as pro-business as you can get.  We advocate for you regarding Local and County issues; for example, the proposed Sign Law changes that would have certainly impacted how local brands could advertise themselves in the storefronts.  Our Chamber entered into an effort with the Town of Carmel to conduct a study of downtown Mahopac, and then the Hamlet of Carmel, to make sure we’re doing all that we can to make our foundation shine, have lower vacancies, and improve the shopping and commerce experience for our customers, friends and families.

We’re all co-creating, it’s amazing to see all of the hard work you’re all doing.  Attendance at networking dinners, breakfasts, mixers, Expos, Street Fairs, Golf Outings, BBQs and more is strong…and we help you connect face to face.  We help join the business community with consumers.  We do things that embolden an already vibrant business economy while also making it a fun place to live and have a business.

This all happens because of you:  The Member.
So if you want to support your local economy by sustaining a non-profit as impactful as ours, then you’re about to do your part…and it’s a big part.

Let’s make the next year your most successful membership year yet.